Null reference exception but working fine?

Reference is drag and dropped in the editor, Text name is spelled correctly, yet I get a Null Reference Exception whilst everything functions fine. Did I potato something?

Problem line is noted // PROBLEM HERE

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class menuButtons : MonoBehaviour {

    public bool english;
    public bool polish;

    public Text AboutButtonText;
    public Text WebsiteButtonText;
    public Text VirtualRealityButtonText;
    public Text AugmentedRealityButtonText;
    public Text AboutDescriptionTitleText;
    public Text AboutDescriptionText;

    public GameObject AboutDescription;

    // English Strings
    public string AboutButtonEN = "About";
    public string WebsiteButtonEN = "Website";
    public string VirtualRealityButtonEN = "Virtual Reality";
    public string AugmentedRealityButtonEN = "Augmented Reality";
    public string AboutDescriptionTitleEN = "About";
    public string AboutDescriptionEN = "About description here";

    // Polish Strings
    public string AboutButtonPL = "O nas";
    public string WebsiteButtonPL = "Strona internetowa";
    public string VirtualRealityButtonPL = "Wirtualna Rzeczywistosc";
    public string AugmentedRealityButtonPL = "Rozszerzona Rzeczywistosc";
    public string AboutDescriptionTitlePL = "O nas";
    public string AboutDescriptionPL = "Co robimy tutaj";

    void Start ()
        AboutButtonText = GameObject.Find("AboutButtonText").GetComponent<Text>();
        WebsiteButtonText = GameObject.Find("WebsiteButtonText").GetComponent<Text>();
        VirtualRealityButtonText = GameObject.Find("VirtualRealityButtonText").GetComponent<Text>();
        AugmentedRealityButtonText = GameObject.Find("AugmentedRealityButtonText").GetComponent<Text>();
        AboutDescriptionTitleText = GameObject.Find("AboutDescriptionTitleText").GetComponent<Text>(); // PROBLEM HERE
        AboutDescriptionText = GameObject.Find("AboutDescriptionText").GetComponent<Text>();

        polish = false;
        english = true;

    void Update ()

    public void AboutButton()

    public void AboutDescriptionHide()

    public void WebsiteButton()

    public void VirtualRealityButton()

    public void AugmentedRealityButton()

    public void EnglishButton()
        polish = false;
        english = true;

    public void PolishButton()
        english = false;
        polish = true;

    void TextLanguage()
            AboutButtonText.text = AboutButtonEN;
            WebsiteButtonText.text = WebsiteButtonEN;
            VirtualRealityButtonText.text = VirtualRealityButtonEN;
            AugmentedRealityButtonText.text = AugmentedRealityButtonEN;
            AboutDescriptionTitleText.text = AboutDescriptionTitleEN;
            AboutDescriptionText.text = AboutDescriptionEN;
        else if(polish)
            AboutButtonText.text = AboutButtonPL;
            WebsiteButtonText.text = WebsiteButtonPL;
            VirtualRealityButtonText.text = VirtualRealityButtonPL;
            AugmentedRealityButtonText.text = AugmentedRealityButtonPL;
            AboutDescriptionTitleText.text = AboutDescriptionTitlePL;
            AboutDescriptionText.text = AboutDescriptionPL;

Hello! This is a standard answer.

For Null Reference problems, you need to learn to find your problem by your own. As you can imagine, we can not try to read all scripts people posts, understand the logic and process, what all variables means, when or how you use them, and find where is the “problem”. You are the only one who can do it…

Forst, check your error code, it says the line where the problem is. You need to debug the code while running, and check the states of the variables of that line at the moment you see the problem, and I’m sure you will detect what variable is still NULL. Then investigate why.

Look for some tutorials on how to debug code while running on your scripting software if don’t know what I’m talking about.

Bye & good Luck!