Null Reference trying to get a value from another object

I’m messing around with the 2D side scroller tut, and decided to put a label on the main character.

I added this function in the script for the character, “PlatformerController.js”

function GetPosition () {
    return transform.position;}

And changed the Update function for the GUI Text object as

var player: PlatformerController;
function Update () {
   transform.position = player.GetPosition();

And I’m greeted with a Null Reference at that line.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I tried changing the update function to transform.position.set(0,0,0); , which did not return a Null Reference, so the problem seems to be that the GetPosition function is not behaving.

I’ve tried reading the cross referencing guide, but it didn’t help much.

Any help would be appreciated

You must define the function returning type:

function GetPosition (): Vector3 {
    return transform.position;

then you must select the GUIText object in the Hierarchy view and drag the character to the field Player in the Inspector - this saves in the variable player a reference to the script PlatformerController attached to the character.