NullPointerException while changing a variable from one script in another

So I am trying to increment the score in one of my scrips when the person hits a coin. I think I may be linking my scripts wrong as I have been getting this error all night. I have tried a ton of different methods and have no idea. The tricky part being that the PlayerInfo script is on the player while the CoinOnCollision script is on the coin. any ideas?

PlayerInfo script

#pragma strict

var currentHealth : int = 10;
var maxHealth : int = 10;
public var currentScore : int = 0;

function RaiseScore(score : int) {
	this.currentScore += score;

function Update () {


CoinOnCollision script

#pragma strict

var playerInfoScript : PlayerInfo;

function Start() {
	playerInfoScript = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").GetComponent("playerInfoScript");

function OnTriggerEnter() {
	playerInfoScript.currentScore += 10;

playerInfoScript or PlayerInfo?

The variable shows it should be a PlayerInfo but you are passing playerInfoScript

Also, you can remove the “” for the parameter it works better. Or add

GetComponent("ScriptName") as ScritpName;