I am trying the following:

Whenever the spacebar is pressed, a Thunderball spawns from the opponents head (through a sphere spawnpoint) and add a force to move down, like a thunder strike

i have been coding for a couple of minutes and already have a problem

// Cast Thunder on the Cube
		var ThunderBullet = Instantiate(ThunderBullet, GameObject.Find("SpawnPoint").transform.position, //something to cast the thunder to go down// );

Here is the code;
I get the Nullreference error (object reference not set to an instance of an object)

Here is what i’m using to achieve this:

Cube (Opponent, Standing still)

Sphere (SpawnPoint, child of ^Cube^)

Capsule (Character)

ThunderPrefab (The Thunderball)

var Thunderbullet:Transform; (on the script)

Can anyone help me here? I am equal to a sloth when it comes to coding

Either the prefab for ThunderBullet has not been set (typically done through the editor) or a GameObject by the name “SpawnPoint” does not exist in the scene at the moment this code is run.

My guess is the latter, because I think nullreferences from unset prefabs trigger a special message about the prefab being null. So it’s probably the SpawnPoint. Put it in a call to Debug.Log before trying to use it and see what it returns.