NullReferenceException Error


i am actually doing the Unity Tutorial with Lerpz.

I went through it until this point where it says

When u play Start u should be able to move lerpz with the control keys.

So its not working for me and i get this error.

NullReference Exception
FuelCellGlowLookAt.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Misc/FuelCellGlowLookAt.js:7)

and i have no clue what to do to solve it.

If u need any more information just ask me.


Maybe, because you don’t have a Camera tagged as “MainCamera”. A simple search on Google, in fact, lead to this:

I hope that’s the same problem.

yeah that was my problem…

switched my NearCamera AND my Lerpz to the Tag Player

so moved my Near Camera back to MainCamera and it worked.

big thx for the fast answer.

best regards.