NullReferenceException from GameObject.find


So, I’m working on a space RTS game, where I have two levels: one is the galaxy view and another is a system view. I can freely move camera in the galaxy level, and when i click on a star it takes me to the system level. The idea is, that when I click on a star I want to save the camera position in PlayerPrefs using the following code:

void OnMouseUp(){
		GameObject RP = GameObject.Find("RotationPoint");	
		GameObject parent = GameObject.Find("Parent");
		Camera Cam = Camera.main;
	float RPX = RP.transform.position.x;
	float RPY = RP.transform.position.y;	
	float RPZ = RP.transform.position.z;
	float PX = parent.transform.position.x;	
	float PY = parent.transform.position.y;			
	float PZ = parent.transform.position.z;	
	float CX = Cam.transform.position.x;	
	float CY = Cam.transform.position.y;
	float CZ = Cam.transform.position.z;
	float RPRX = RP.transform.rotation.x;	
	float RPRY = RP.transform.rotation.y;
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("RotPY", RPY);
	PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("RotPZ", RPZ);	
	PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("ParentX", PX);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("ParentY", PY);
	PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("ParentZ", PZ);	
	PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("CamX", CX);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("CamY", CY);
	PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("CamZ", CZ);		
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("RotY", RPRY);

The problem is, that I get a NullReferenceError in the line with setting the Parent Pref. I’ve tried severeal things, and I think it’s because of the GameObject.find. I also heard that I should avoid using it, but I can’t really think of anything else(I’ve also tried .FindObjectWithTag).

Thanks in advance for all of the answers.


P.S - My english isn’t really good, so I apologize for any mistakes.
P.S.2 - If you have any specific questions, write them in the comments.

  1. Yes, you should avoid any Find functions in Update - they are too slow, specially when there are many GameObjects in scene. Declare a public variable and drag the object to it in the Inspector, or Find it only once at Start:

    public GameObject RP; // drag the object here in the Inspector…

    void Start(){
    if (!RP){ // if RP not assigned in the Inspector…
    RP = GameObject.Find(“RotationPoint”); // Find it

  2. About the Parent: apparently, there’s no object named “Parent” in scene, thus Find returns null and originates this error - check its capitalization (“parent” isn’t the same as “Parent”). Or are you trying to access the parent of some object? If so, that’s the wrong way: someObj.transform.parent gives you the parent of someObj :

    void Update(){
    Transform rpParent = RP.transform.parent;

  3. transform.rotation is a Quaternion, not those nice angles we see under Rotation in the Inspector (they are actually the transform.eulerAngles ). Anyway, saving only X and Y won’t work fine in both cases: you must save all XYZW components of rotation, or XYZ of eulerAngles. By the way, you can save stuff in a much easier and efficient way - like below:

    // cache the properties in temporary variables:
    Vector3 rpPos = RP.transform.position;
    Vector3 pPos = parent.transform.position;
    Vector3 camPos = Cam.transform.position;
    Quaternion rpRot = RP.transform.rotation;

    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotPX”, rpPos.x);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotPY”, rpPos.y);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotPZ”, rpPos.z);

    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“ParentX”, pPos.x);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“ParentY”, pPos.y);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“ParentZ”, pPos.z);

    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“CamX”, camPos.x);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“CamY”, camPos.y);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“CamZ”, camPos.z);

    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotX”, rpRot.x); // you must save all rotation components…
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotY”, rpRot.y);
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotZ”, rpRot.z); // including Z…
    PlayerPrefs.SetFloat(“RotW”, rpRot.w); // and W

NOTE: Remember to restore all components of rotation too!

Quickfix: if you’re using C#, try adding this code using Systemat the top of your script or import System if you’re using Javascript. You can now try-catch GameObject.Find if it returns null. No errors will throw at you.

Here’s an example:

using System; // --> This exact line of code. That's it.
using UnityEngine;

public class Test : MonoBehaviour {

	public void OnMouseUp() {

		// You may now catch null reference here.
		try {

			GameObject RP = GameObject.Find("RotationPoint");

                    // The rest of your code here.

		} catch(NullReferenceException e) {




Also remember, you can catch also other exceptions such as MissingReferenceException, MissingComponentException, IndexOutOfRangeException, or any other exception classes as long as you include using System in your script. That is all.

Do you have a gameobject in your scene called “RotationPoint” and one called “Parent” ? GameObject.Find will look for object names, so you need to make sure these objects actually exist in your scene.

→ On a side note, you should rename all your variable to give them more reliable names.
→ I would avoid having one game object called “parent”, as the parenting concept is usually used by Unity in transform.parent (which makes your naming confusing), instead try using Root or World or something similar.