Number of polygons in model to size in KB within ram

Hi, I want to calculate the size of Model in KB in ram. My Maya model has 3.9K vertex, nearly same faces and 7.8K edges. It has 4 animations. I want to create dozens of instances in scene.

Each face will require 2 bytes (int: 0-65k) to index each vertex, and being a triangle, will have 3 such vertex-indicies: total 6 bytes. 6x3.9k= 23.4k

Each vertex will store 3 floating point numbers as coordinates. a float is 4 bytes: total 12 bytes. 12x3.9k= 46.8k

The edges are not stored.

If we assume that each vertex has a unique Normal and UV coordinate:

normal: 3 float coordinaes, UV: 2 floats coordinates
total of 54 bytes more per vertex = 203.9k = 78k

Subtotal: 23.4k + 46.8k + 78k = 148.2k bytes

These 148.2K bytes define the mesh. note: Even if you have multiple objects in unity that use this mesh, the 148k mesh-definition should exists only ONCE in memory.

Not sure how maya defines those animations, but I would suspect the memory used depends on how many verticies you are animating, times how many keys each animation has. I’m also unsure how/when unity will load/use those animations from maya.