NumSharp errors with Unity

When I tried to install NumSharp, the file installed, however, I am receiving 999+ compiler errors. Is this a common occurrence with importing? I know it may be easy, but I have spent over 15 hours trying to figure it out. If anybody is encountering similar issues with NumSharp, or did, and know how to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, Unity specialists have even had trouble helping, because it is a strange issue. Thanks!

I never used NumSharp. I guess you are using this one? It would help, especially when you use public available packages or frameworks, to include a link to that package.

Next when you get compiling errors, always focus on the first one. All following might be caused by the first. We can’t see what the first error says so this is a dead end. However just looking at the documentation of NumSharp I see some potential issues.

Use of Unmanaged Memory and fast
unsafe algorithms

Depending on your targetplatform and .NET backend and version you’re using you might not have unsafe code support. Have you tried building the NumSharp project into an assembly and just including that compiled version into your project? That might solve a lot issues with unsafe code and C#7+ features which might have been used.

I am using the NumSharp you linked. Thanks for your quick response. I do have unsafe code allowed, and the first compiler error is: The type or namespace name ‘Imaging’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Drawing’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) Thank you so much, I am only 12 years old, and it is for my science fair project, which is due very soon. I’ll try to fix the first error. Thanks again!