Object attached to spring joint is glitching

So in my game I have a object attached to a spring joint and when you pull the object back to release it the object begins to glitch and move around. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Joints are glitchy. Without more detail on what you expect to achieve, we can only provide generalities from experience with joints. The basic observation is that when forces are sufficient, the attached object can end up being ‘dislodged’ from the expected position. On some joints I’ve attached script to notice when this alignment is disturbed and reset it, but that isn’t optimal. You can try to adjust mass, forces and such to get the behavior you prefer, but at some point in my own work I just have to abandon the joint and write code to do what is required, instead. The joints work fine when they’re used according to example code usage, but they’re limited to an extent that even though a scenario of usage may seem to be a good choice based on assumptions of what the joint should do, the joint itself just won’t cooperate.

There are a new set of joints in PhysX called articulated joints which may offer a better alternative for some applications, but they won’t be available (exposed) in Unity for some time.