object can't be null when highlighted in the inspector?

Long story short:
I have an inventory system that works fine, until I highlight one of the slots in the inspector during run-time, thus, exposing the ‘item’ object in the inspector. My code checks for, and denies, any interaction with null items in empty slots, but it seems that when I’m looking at an object in the inspector its not null anymore, its just blank. suddenly that slot that I’m looking at in the inspector can infinitely spawn ‘blank’ objects, even though its supposed to be null… is this really whats happening? I even put a Debug.Log in the constructor and it runs when i first look at the item in the inspector during run-time.

side note:
I’m not looking to paste my code in and have someone go over it. I really just want to know if there’s some funny business going on when an object is highlighted in the inspector.

i’m just gonna go ahead and close this, i failed to explain my real question well enough and everyone is just gonna down-vote my ass into the dirt for trying to not involve my code, when all i wanted to know was if highlighting objects in the inspector could run some functions of the object for some reason.

It seems when my object was null, and i highlighted it in the inspector (in run-time) the constructor was called for some reason and the object became not null anymore. this is the root of my issue, and is the answer to my question.