Object Collision

Hi guys…

When I collide with a bus object (.obj) my first person shooter game start to became very slow. Do you know why?

Just to know: the bus object has Mesh Collider

When posing questions and looking for answers, it usually isn’t necessary to describe the nature of your objects. If it were a bus, train or elephant, the story should be the same. You haven’t provided very much in the way of information describing the nature of your game or the challenges you are having with it. You say the game becomes slow, but didn’t describe what platform you are running upon or how you determine it is slow (frame rate, responsiveness etc etc). It is unlikely we will be able to diagnose the overall problem given what you have provided.

I would also suggest that your question may be better posed on a Unity based forum. Have a review of the FAQ for Unity Answers and see if, after reading, you still think this is a good Unity Answers candidate question.



Make sure you don’t have a print inside OnCollision/TriggerStay. Also, you probably don’t need a mesh collider for a bus, unless it’s a fancy one that can bend. A box will do and is much more cheaper for calculations.