Object doesn't rotate around it's pivot point on collision

Hello, everyone! Right now I got a cylinder without a rigidbody and without a collider, and it’s parent is an empty game object with a rigidbody (x,y,z position and y,z rotation are frozen) and a collider. It’s pivot point is slightly above the cylinder.

Screenshot: Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-01-10 10.09.12.png - Simplify your life

I want it to rotate around it’s pivot point (around the x axis). When I do it with a script it works fine, but on collision the game object rotates around center. How do I fix it?

Is the Pivot point a parent of the gameobject detecting the collision? If so, you should set the rotation to the parent of the gameobject that detected the collision. ( in this case, the pivot point ).