Object Emision while behind a black glass

Hi community,

I’verecently faced a minor issue on my project.

my car has a black tinted glass for its headlights.
the problem is that, no matter how bright I make the headlights, it still gonna get multiplied to the glass tint which is normal, but end up killing their emission (brightness).

is there any way possible to keep them as bright as when they are not behind any other object?
I don’t want to render the headlight over the glass by changing its render queue
because the glass has reflections on it.

can I render the emissive part over the glass or by any way make it inaffectable by the glass tint?

thanks in advance.
first image
second image


For the transparency thing, if you create a new lightmap parameter and assign it to your glass, you have a checkbox that says Is Transparent. I have not tried it, but I guess light will travel through it that way. Maybe change the glass to non static and see if it works. I am not an expert on these sort of things but maybe my suggestions can help possibly lead you in the right direction. Cheers mate.

If you are using the standard shader, just crank up the ‘Current Brightness’ setting in the Emission color picker to a value past 1.