Object.Find distance?

When you are using GameObject.Find, is there a way to only find objects that are within a certain distance from the object that has the script?

var hand : GameObject;
// This will return the game object named Hand in the scene.
hand = GameObject.Find("Hand");

For example, if there is an object that is more than 10 units away, the script will just ignore it?

Yes, but it requires you do some iterating. It would probably be faster to use a trigger.

var hand : Transform;
var scriptObjs : YourScript[];

var nearDist : float = 10.0;

function Start () {
     hand = GameObject.Find("Hand").transform;

     scriptObjs = FindObjectsOfType(YourScript) as YourScript[];
     //AFIK there is no generic implementation of FindObjectsOfType().

function Update () {
    for(var possibleObj : YourScript in scriptObjs) {
         if(Vector3.Distance(hand.position, possibleObj.transform.position) < nearDist) {
              //Do whatever you need to the object is closer than nearDist;