Object Flies into Air Upon Collision, or goes through hill depending on isKinematic settings


Summary: How do I get a cube to translate over a hill?
What Happens Now: The cube simply goes through the hill. If I switch isKinematic, it detects the collision with the hill, and goes flying into the air. The cube currently has a rigid body.
Goal Details: I would like a cube to stay grounded on the terrain while moving up the hill. Or at least I would like the cube to simply stop moving upon collision, without either flying away or translating through the hill.

Note that the cube moves according to where I click. So for testing, I clicked an elevated terrain area.

Appreciate any help! I’ve read similar forum questions, but they haven’t helped.

the solution is rise the Mass or Gravity Scale on rigid body, but it will make the cube very heavy, which does’s look right