Object goes back to starting position after an animation is played

Hello all,
I have a 2D sprite that plays an animation only once. However, when the animation is done, the sprite goes back to it’s starting position as if the animation never played. Does anyone know how to keep the position after the animation is played?

Im not sure how it works in 2d. However, if it is the same as 3d then if you click on the animation file in your project manager, and go to your inspector. You should see some settings that may be of use. If Loop Time is checked then uncheck it. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Are you using root motion or moving via code?

If you can’t achieve what you’re trying through the Animator Controller, then I would suggest you click on the animation in the project file browser, and in the inspector right click on the inspector tab title and select debug mode. From there you should look down the list and look for Wrap Mode and there is some options there like Once which may solve you’re problem.

Good luck

Okay, so here’s the deal.
Instead of using the controller, I switched to the new Timeline feature and imported the animation into an animation track. Then, I set the director’s wrap mode to hold. This game me the effect I wanted.