Object goes through wall (both have RigidBody and Collider attached)

Player can easily go through walls, while player and the wall have RigidBodys and Colliders attached. Please help!

Player settings:

Wall settings:

There are a lot of possible reasons for this. First, are you using transform.Translate, rigidbody.velocity, or rigidbody.addforce? The last two are the only ones that prevent you from walking through anything. I see that your player’s rigidbody is kinematic. Try setting it to dynamic and use rigidbody.velocity. That’s the most likely reason here. Second, what layer is everything on? Try setting all of the objects that you want to collide with each other to the default layer. It might be that you set them on layers that don’t collide with each other.

Hope this helps!

thanks… replacing transform manipulation by rigidbody did the trick…
thanks a lot…