Object is null and I don't know how fix it

Well, I’ll try to be as clear as possible. I’m following a tutorial (just have some basic notion about programming) and I’m stucked. There is a point where a method to move an object should be called, but it isn’t. After testing the IF’s of the scripts involved I apparently found the problem. There’s a if that calls the movement method isn’t being properly activated (comproved by debug.log):

public override void CliqueMouse(GameObject objetoAtingido, Vector3 posicaoAtingida, Jogador controlador)
        base.CliqueMouse(objetoAtingido, posicaoAtingida, controlador); 
        Debug.Log("Its reaching here...");
        if (jogador && jogador.humano && selecaoAtual)  //The problem is here, probably in the "jogador" tests..
            Debug.Log("It should be reaching here, but it isn't");
                IniciarMovimento(destino);    //Starts movement

My “jogador” variable is defined by the class “Jogador” below:

public class Jogador : MonoBehaviour {

    public string usuario;
    public bool humano;
    public InterfaceHUD interfaceHUD;   
    public Unidades ObjetoSelecionado { get; set; }

Debug.Log("[...] The rest is empty, there is just an Initialization for the HUD varible [...]");

What’s the properly way to test why my “jogador” variable is reaching null to the “CliqueMouse” class?
I mean, is there a way to test it with Debug.log or something like that?
The codes involved are much more complicated than these two parts. My “jogador” is being Initialized in another class and I don’t see a way to discover where the data losts itself.

Oh god, it was obviously a silly error of mine.

The variable “jogador” doesn’t had a properly initialization on the “CliqueMouse” class parent.

jogador = transform.root.GetComponentInChildren<Jogador>();

The line above solutioned the problem.