Object is sliding off instead of bouncing!

Hi guys i need some help in setting up this physic properties in unity. I am trying to make a air hockey game and i opted to use physics properties on walls and a puck. But i dunno why some times the puck slides off the walls even the the property is set to 1 (i mean the bounce)and when it has more velocity then only it is bouncing off those walls. 23125-fordevs.png

As you can see that white puck is stuck to those walls(invisible colliders).And one more thing is how do we actually move the player with mouse when the camera is angled? the one i did with ray casting is actually not looking really impressive Please any help would be really helpful thank you.

I had a very similar problem and fixed it by reducing the bounce threshold.

Edit → Project Settings → Physics

Instead of using physics properties, I think you should make your own calculation.

You have 4 walls (Right, Left , Up, Down)

If your puck collides with right or left walls you can simply inverse X axis of puck’s velocity. And if the puck collides with up or down walls Y axis should be inverted.

Example Code

Vector3 myVelocity = puck.rigidbody.velocity;
myVelocity = new Vector3(-myVelocity.x,myVelocity.y,myVelocity.z);
puck.rigidbody.velocity = myVelocity;

Hi lordinarius the issue is with colliders and it is happening because of the puck is hitting the walls and its getting stuck there instead of bouncing.