Object keeps Losing Collider, Rigidbody, Scriptts and Joints on Dupication

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I have a basic platform set up that is pinned to the level background. I spend all the time setting up the rigidbody properties, connecting it with a fixed joint, adjusting the mass and everything. Once I have it set up I go to duplicate the platform to place some more...

And it loses all the properties. (The original keeps them, but the duplicate has none) All that's left is the animation, nothing else.

I really don't want to go and redo the manual setup for every copy of every platform as that would be hours and hours of repetetive busywork that don't really get much done. So how can I make sure it doesn't lose it's properties and customization on duplication?

I tried making the platform a child of a GameObject.. but the same thing happens. Any help would be appreciated.


Try making a prefab out of your platform.