Object limit in Editor (crash)

My scene contains several 100 furniture items, doors/windows and such. They are imported in layers (i.e. one layer for all windows) and I need to move them in a fixed position to each other within the editor (i.e. one layer at a time). As soon as I select a layer and try to move the objects within the editor (drag the transform or type new values for XYZ in the inspector), the editor crashes. Complexity of objects doesn't matter. I tried it with my normal, simple furniture and also with simple primitive boxes with 1 material. I used Combine Children to reduce those 1000s of draw calls to around 15 to no avail. The more objects I have selected when moving, the faster the crash occurs. If I select enough objects (>1000), the crash occurs instantly.

question: Am I not able to simultaneously move those objects without crashing?

To replicate: - create an array of 1000 primitive boxes in your favorite modeling application (I tried SKetchUp and Modo) - import those boxes into a clean Unity Project - drag the boxes into your scene - select all boxes - move the boxes via grabbing the transform in the scene or changing values in the inspector

Thanks! Sebas

Hi Sebas,

Just to emphasize Lucas' point and make it clear to other users that might come here to report a bug:

You should really report this through the BugReporter in Unity -> Help -> Report a Problem

We really want to have a look at all problems and the best way we can do that is through our bug reporting system. When you use the bug reporter app, it not only sends your explanation of what has happened, but also a few log files that help us pinpoint the exact line of code or thread that caused the incident in the first place.

You also might want to check out Samantha's blog post on how we handle bug reports here in Unity Technologies.

There is a FAQ in the forums, another FAQ on Unity's website. This answers forum is intended for questions and answers to using Unity.

Looking forward to your awesome reports :-)