object lost position and rotation when scales,unity object moves to another position when I change the scale Y

Hey team,

I just bought a stomach asset(https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/cross-section-human-stomach-90499#description) from asset store. And in my AR application, as with all other prefabs, I’m trying to scale it and position it to the scanned image target. all other targets are okay, but this one has an issue as I described in the title. Basically, when I increased the Y Scale, it’s going upwards/backward - tho, positioning in the editor says me still 0.

And If I change the Z, it’s also rotation and X too.

I don’t understand what causes that issue. I hope the video can explain the situation better.

It should be about the pivot. There is a button writng “pivot”[198664-ekran-alıntısı.jpg|198664] in it try to change it to “center”. That sould solve your problem.