Object mesh problem - mesh parts

I’m making a chess game which is coming along just fine, but for the purpose of highlighting a chess piece while onMouseEnter, I need to add Mesh filter component to the object (and script, of course) and asign its mesh. The problem is when I import .fbx files from 3ds Max, they get separated to mesh parts, as seen in screenshot.

Can I somehow collapse them into one mesh? I did it in 3ds max, collapsed all its segments to one editable mesh, but it still makes mesh parts in Unity.
Maybe because of too many polygons in one object?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s a 3ds Max related problem, not Unity related. (Though I wonder how we could join a mesh in Unity, maybe Mesh.CombineMesh).

Google Combine Mesh + 3ds max or 3ds max grouping, I think one of the two is relevant, shouldn’t be difficult. Also Export probably has some option like Export in Groups or Export combined, something along those lines.

This is a Unity issue not a Max issue. Has done the same to me on models from zbrush, and silo.