Object movement choppy when picked up in VR

Hi, I’m currently working on an Oculus Quest game using Oculus’s official Oculus Integration pack from the unity asset store and I have a problem that for the life of me I cannot find a solution to. I have a bunch of rigidbodys (cubes, spheres ect) that can be picked up in VR however when you pick them up and move them around the movement is choppy. I’ve already set the physics timestep to 1/72 (72 being the refresh rate of the Oculus Quest and the fps of the game), Enabling interpolate on the rigidbodys and capping the fps to 60 which does stop the choppy movement however this is no use as having the game run at 72fps is a must due to motion sickness reasons.

Any help is appreciated.

@hmclark2014 same for me. Trying some extra settings now to try an fix. Please post back if you get a solution.