Object movement with smooth start and end?

I have a cube in the scene. Now I want to move this object from one vector3 point to another vector3 point with smooth start and smooth end movement.

I tried this:

transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, randomPoint, speed * Time.deltaTime);

With this I have a smooth end movement, but not a smooth start movement.

I also tried Vector3.SmoothDamp(). Here is the same problem. There is only a smooth end movement.

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A smooth (ease in out) version of Lerp?

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I think what you want specifically is Mathf.SmoothStep applied to the 3 parts of a Vector3.

transform.position = Vector3(

                 Mathf.SmoothStep(transform.position.x, randomPoint.x, speed * Time.deltaTime),
                 Mathf.SmoothStep(transform.position.y, randomPoint.y, speed * Time.deltaTime),
                 Mathf.SmoothStep(transform.position.z, randomPoint.z, speed * Time.deltaTime));