Object moves too fast after bouncing off of a moving collider,objects move too fast after bouncing off a moving collider

I am making a game that involves a ball bouncing off of a movable paddle controlled by the player. Sometimes the ball 1) bounces up way too fast after hitting the moving paddle or 2) goes through it. I have tried continuous rigidbody but only the second problem is solved and the first one gets worse as the ball skyrockets after bouncing off the paddle collider.
What should I do?,I am making a 2d game that involves bouncing a ball off of a moving peddle that the player controls, and the the ball sometimes 1) bounces up absurdly fast the peddle collider or 2) passes through it. I have tried continuous rigidbody 2d which solves the second problem but makes the first one more terrible. What should I do?

I’m guessing your issue is that the ball is too bouncy. If you make a new “Physics Material 2D” in the editor and add that to the ball’s collider, you can set the bounciness of the ball, and if you can do the same for the paddles as well.
Hope you found this helpful!

You have to adjust the speed in coding By Changing Speed and RPM.