Object moves when turning on animate..Why?

I have imported a mesh from 3ds max to unity. I have done this before with no problems. This object however moves to a position 0, 0, 0, when I turn on animate automatically…?

Any idea why this is

Maybe the first frame of your active animation positions the object at (0,0,0)?

That might be. Having animated characters and other objects, they were never dependant on the position from max. I just placed the object where I wanted it and then it played the animation from that spot. I re-animated my object in Max and now it works fine, but I still would like to avoid this problem in the future though… :slight_smile:

I’m new to Unity, and I have a model doing this as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the model I’m using, or the animation. I’m following a tutorial, but the guy in the tutorial didn’t have the same problem while using the same exact model and animations. There’s got to be something wrong with the model in my scene, right?

Anyway, assuming it’s something wrong with the one or more frames, is there a way to weed out such a potential key frame easily in Unity? I tried deleting the entire first column of keys using Unity’s Animation panel with no change. I’m dying here. I was making so much progress through this tutorial in just a few days, and suddenly a roadblock.