Object not rendered when in Android (Galaxy s7)

I am just working on some small learning project which generates a random maze for you to memorize and then disappears after 5 seconds. The walls of the maze don’t appear when i load up the game on my galaxy s7 phone. Everything shows up when i preview and play the game within the editor and when i build it on my computer. I am not sure why this is happening, as the mesh renderer is initially toggled on. Perhaps a shader problem? I am really quite stuck here so any help is appreciated.

Thanks alot!

here is what i see in preview and on a built version for PC - Screenshot - eda556f3f6d6ab1b489e45b567f6f49d - Gyazo and the orange walls dont seem to appear on android

Screenshot - f315173c6c2a57a8bf68112796ada3c7 - Gyazo - my shader settings for the wall

Hi, did you found a solution for this?