object orientation script that does local axis rotation?

I am new and writing an airplane game.

While flying around I want to use the left and right keys to turn left and right relative to the local Y axis of the airplane and using the up down keys adjust pitch of the plane so a rotation around the local X axis. Also want to roll using the ‘Q’ and ‘E’ keys around the local Z axis.

Is there an existing script asset that gives me this type of airplane control?

I understand that I can edit the script to use my selected keys for input.

Just need a pointer to a script that provides local axis rotation to do yaw (left/right), pitch (up/down), roll (spin) around the objects local axis so it behaves like an airplane.

There’s a couple of great implementations out there, have a search for Unity Airplane Script to start with. First after you’ve tried a couple of methods you’ll know what you don’t want. The best method will always be the one that makes full use of the physics, where you can control the forces of the plane as a rigidbody. It’s a great project to start learning Unity with, it lets you get to know the basics of positioning, axes, angles and physics.

For instance try out making a cube with a rigidbody and have a look at Rigidbody.AddForce and Input.GetAxis to begin with. You’ll learn much from just reading the reference docs.