Object origin changing when adding certain objects as children of said object

So I have this issue thats pops up when I add certain objects as children to said object.

I have a player in the scene and the objects like origin point is at the center of the object, however when I add the main camara to the object suddenly the origin point changes to that of the camara which messes up the position of my objects.

Is this a bug and is there a way to fix this.

No, the origin does not change. What changes is the center of the object when you have switched the handles mode in the editor to “Center”. That’s what the editor is supposed to do if you use the center mode. I always keep the handle mode to: “Pivot” and “Local”. In some rare cases it may be helpful to switch to “center” and / or “global” handles mode, but usually just for a moment when you specifically need that functionality. See the manual for more details. Specifically the section about “Gizmo handle position toggles”.