Object passes through childrens' boxcolliders

I have a box which consists of 5 children cubes. Each cube has box collider.

When I have sphere in this box, and move the box, sphere passes through the “walls” (children cubes) of the box. If I move the box really slightly, the sphere “sees” colliders and reacts accordingly. But if the speed of moving is bigger, sphere just passes through.

It seems that collision detection must be switched to Continous, but I tried it and it didn’t work. Sphere has sphere collider and rigidbody.

I tried a lot of things already:

  • changed collision detection on sphere to all options;
  • hanged collision detection on cubes to all options;
  • added and removed rigidbodies on cubes;
  • OnTrigger is off for each of them.

Looks like I’ve tried all possible combinations of rigidbodies and collision detection. Please, help.[196288-безымянныи123.png|196288]

I don’t know what code your using so this is just a guess.
Have you put your game logic inside Update or FixedUpdate ?
Any physics related code is best put in FixedUpdate to best calculate collisions.