Object placement changes when game is run fullscreen

Hello everyone. I’ve been creating a 2d top down shooter using the 2 by 3 layout, thinking that if everything looked alright in the small camera view, when the game is run full screen it would look the same. When I run the game in the split 2 by 3 view the GUI object representing lives is in the top right corner where it should be, but if I run the game full screen the GUI object doesn’t move. How do I make everything stay put when run on different screen sizes?

If you assign the GUI objects their position using the variables available in the Inspector, you’re assigning them as a percentage of the screen space, not an absolute position.

For an absolute position, you’ll need to set them manually in a function. And how you’d do so depends on what you’re using (Text, Texture, etc.) Usually, you’d just map them to a Rect on screen or to an absolute screen position. You’d use PixelInset for that.

This previous answer covers it nicely: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/11008/how-do-i-override-the-inspectors-placement-of-a-gu.html