Object pooling misbehaves

I have Pool of objects which are being instantiated from a certain position , these prefab have rigid body and a collider the only purpose of the rigid body is to give the prefab gravity ,
my 4 pooled prefabs which are first not active ,gets activated when called and than just fall into another object which is a trigger.
but what happens is 1st object from the pool falls correctly and even the 2nd,3rd 4th ,
but when these get called back from the pool it misbehaves as in it does not fall it some how has push to it, as in it shoots the prefab ,it does not fall anymore.

I hope i explained in a way somebody understood it.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like the Rigidbody for each object is going to sleep because they’re idle (which would happen easily when they’re disabled and, therefore, not moving). When a Rigidbody goes to sleep, it’s set to “wake up” when an active Rigidbody collides with it.

On that note, the solution may be as simple as calling Rigidbody.WakeUp() when you pull them back out of the object pool.

Thanks i tried waking up the rigid body but the same thing happens still and what i noticed is when the pool prefab falls to the ground and as its a Circle collider it turns but weird part for me is when its called back it keeps turning i think its something to do with resetting or something maybe its a simple thing and i cannot figure it our any more ideas. ?