Object position/rotation after animation has finished to play.

Hello, I have a problem, I’m making an fps game and I’ve made a run animation with my gun and arms, it runs well, but after the animation finishes to play the object doesn’t reset to the initial position before the animation, it’s position and rotation are stuck to the last ones from the animation… If I play another animation like reload, it continues to mainatin the new position and I don’t know how to fix this.
I even made another run animation but same story, the object changes his position and to reset I need to exit the play mode…
Thank you.

I had exact same issue;

For anyone wondering, select the prefab of the problematic object in the Project panel, (the one imported from 3d modeling package, the one with “Import Settings”, NOT the later prefabs made by unity). In the “Inspector” panel, go into “Rig” section, then alter Root node to a different entry.

In my case it had to be “None”, otherwise animation would not be reset after it’s played.