Object rotation from web page values

Hello, I'm completely new to unity/programing and could use some help.

I want to set the position of an object based on two different values calculated from a web page. I've been able to get the values into unity but I'm not sure where to go from here. When the values are calculated, the object should rotate by that amount and stay there until values are calculated again.

Here's what I've got so far

    private var messages : String = "";
private var azimuthValue : float = -1;
private var altitudeValue : float = -1;

function receiveAzimuth(msg:String ){
   azimuthValue = parseFloat(msg);

function receiveAltitude(msg:String ){
   altitudeValue = parseFloat(msg);
   messages = "azimuth: [" + azimuthValue + "]
altitude: [" + altitudeValue + "]

function Update () {

Take the RotateAround statements out of Update and put them in the appropriate functions.