Object scale & animation

I created a simple animation of falling tree in Cinema 4D, and imported the object to the Unity3D, after that I scaled the object by 3. When I run object.animation.Play(), it plays animation, but the object size scales back to 1. How to fix it?

This happens because the animation data has scale information in it (lots of ones over and over…). You can try to not export it from C4D, but that is probably fruitless (certainly doesn’t work with Blender FBX generation).

Next possibility is to write a script to strip the scale curves out. This gives the most efficient result. But it’s work to make that script (I’ve done it for blender exports).

Next possibility is to edit the curves out by hand. You have to copy the animation first. This only makes sense if this is a one-off.

Finally, you can just wrap your tree in another parent and scale that. Least efficient, but way easiest.