object spawner

i want to make a object spawn on top of a platform with a set spawning speed and a maximum amount of object at one time and no overlapping, i have been trying for like 2 hours now but cant find anything, im still just a beginer so i have no clue how to make it myself, can somebody please help?


If you are new, start learning for the begining, basic code, basic functions… For a spawner you will need at least all this functions/properties (look for them, and watch tutorials):

Coroutines - IEnumerators
yield return new WaitForseconds()
Prefab declaration and assignation

Good Luck!

to create a spawner like an “enemie spawner” you can create an empty object a the place you need your object to be spawn so like this you have your spawn position then on this object add an C# script with your script in it !