Object too fast for Collision in Unity

I’m currently making a simulation where disks are placed in a conveyor belt and sorted by color. When the sensor detects a white disk, a rectangular object ‘pushes’ out of the conveyor belt into a box, and it needs to move quickly. However, whenever we set the speed to a high number it just goes through the disks, without pushing them. I have already tried making the pushing object’s collision detection ‘Continuous dynamic’ (RigidBody) and the disks’ collision detection ‘Continuous’ (like in this video: Unity - Object too fast for Collision - FIXED - YouTube). I have attached an image of how the mentioned part of the robot looks and the settings for both the disk and pusher object.

I think if you check the is kinematic box it might fix that problem. Something else you could do is create a script where when the pusher collides with the white disk the white disk’s velocity changes forcing it off the edge. @martaramosss