object vs gameobject

While looking at images to show the class hierarchy for unity I ran across this image
Loading , and found out that an object and gameobject are not the same thing. So what is the difference between object and gameobject. Can someone give me an example of an object. Does it have anything to do with creating a new object like in javascript i.e. New Vector () for example?

Object is the base class for all objects in Unity. It offers instantiation and destruction functions, but not much more.

GameObject, besides being a subclass of Object, is the base class for all entities within scenes. It has a Transform component by default, and can have other components attached.

K …you are right gameobject and object are both different .

  1. A GameObject is an object with a component “Transform”. You can’t remove this component from a gameobject. This thing makes it different from object.

  2. Where as Object in simple terms is an instance of a class. e.g ClassA obj=new ClassA().This obj doesnt have any component like “Transform”.