Object with camera shaking at 40000 distance.

I have 10 different star systems at x0,y0,z0 / 0,0,40000 / 0,0,-40000 / 40000, 40000, 40000 etc.

Each star system is large so you can travel to and fro, visit a galaxy, star, planet satellite.

Problem smaller objects with a scale of 1,1,1 shake at a distance around 40000, worser the larger the number. The maximum orbit distance for satellite is 200, planet is max 4400, star is 44000, Galaxy 40000. Object don’t shake when galaxy is at 0,0,0.

Satellite rotates, orbits planet, orbits star, orbits galaxy. The galaxies do not orbit, they stay still. When I move the galaxy from 40000 to 0 it stops shaking, but I can’t have all galaxies at 0 they would be overlapping. I don’t see any difference why it should be a problem, they are only coordinates. The galaxy is not orbiting anything. When Im in one of the galaxies I turn the other galaxies off, but when Im at the cosmos are, I need see all galaxies, to be able to choose which one to travel to, therwise I would of kept all galaxies at 0,0,0.

Any solutions?

Here the guys from Kerbal Space Program explain how they dealt with that issue.

I’m also doing a spacegame and i encountered that jittering problem before, using other engines. The best approach i found is to create a second camera and a layer where all your galaxies, planets,… all the big stuff goes in. Make sure that your main camera does not render this “background” layer and also scale your big objects down, so you don’t ever reach more than say 10000 units in one direction. Now all you have to do is move your background camera with a small percentage of the movement of your main camera. That way it will look as if you fly for minutes and finally reach that galaxy, even though it’s only a few hundred units away from the origin of your background world.