Object with emission material not casting light on other static objects

Hi, I’m trying to have a scene lit intermittently between particle systems and objects with emission materials (HDR above 1). The objects in the scene are static. I’m using Unity 5.4. I’ve tried both light and reflection probes and am getting no change.

I read in 5.4 you need to use the bloom script on the camera but other tutorials I’ve followed don’t add and the achieve the “glow effect” in their environment.

Any help/tips would be appreciated.


Try: Turn on Precomputed Realtime GI and then bake. (I assume you want realtime emissive so you can change it via script, right?)

There is a “baked” option for that too, in the materials inspector if you only want baked. But I don’t think you’ll be able to modify that at runtime then (because baked).

Thanks @CarpeFunSoftware. The objects in the scene are set to static with emissive materials applied and have baked but still no dice (see attached screencaps). Thanks for the link and info on bloom too.