object with texture in front of GUIText

Is there a way to get an object with a Texture in front of certain GUITexts?
For example: a pop up with a message comes up in front of a text?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think so, as GUI elements are basically printed onto the actual screen, and nothing can come in front of them…
I’m not exactly sure of what the effect is you’re after, but you could try using 3D text, as that’s actually part of the game world, and you can place stuff in front of that!!!

If you can elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve, I can try and help you some more!!!


Here is the situation: I have made a login screen using 3D Text and GUI input text boxes. When a user tries to log in and something goes wrong, a popup is displayed with a 3D Text explaining what went wrong. The thing that is going wrong is that the text from the input boxes is displayed above the popup, which should always be on top of everything.

I hope this explains the problem a bit clearer :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

you could use GUI.depth