Object won't collide with Player unless Player is moving

So yeah. Basically I have a simple Galaga/Space Invaders type game, and I have a power up that drops randomly from ships and flies towards the player at the same speed as the enemy ships. If the player moves to get it, the player usually will obtain the power up. However if the player ISN’T moving whatsoever, the powerup will pass right through. Both the player and the object are using simple box colliders, and are simply boxes with textures painted on.

I’m a beginner in both Unity and Javascript, any tips/help would be appreciated.

I feel like an idiot, I forgot to put rigid bodies on my power up. /facepalm. I put them in and it looks like its working just fine.

It’s weird though, like I said, the power ups WERE working, not exactly as I had intended though. I could pick up the powerup so long as I was moving, once I sit still… nothing.

I’m using transforms to move my stuff, is force better? What are the advantages of one or the other?

Raycast- man I still need to learn how to do that. I was trying to make a simple platformer engine a while back and I could not for the life of me figure it out.

Thanks for the tips guys!