Object wont destroy on collision with another object

For some reason my object is not destroying when it collides with another object.

heres what im trying to do, my character is holding a sword, the sword object has a collider, so I want to destroy objects when only my sword collides with them so I put this script on my sword object:

function OnCollisionEnter (hit : Collision) {

if(hit.gameObject.tag == "Respawn") { //The object I want to destroy tag = Respawn




It doesn’t work though.
for testing purposes I removed the script from my sword and applied it to my character and changed the function to OnControllerCollider and it worked perfect, the only thing is thats not what Im trying to do, I don’t want the object to destroy when the player touches it, I want it to destroy when the sword touches it. Im not sure why its not working when I use OnCollisionEnter and apply the script to my sword.

if it means anything, my sword is a child of my characters armature, so when my character moves his arm, the sword moves with it in the same direction. Maybe because its a child it could be causing the problem?

Other information, my sword just goes right through the object I want to destroy, but both the sword and the object I want to destroy have colliders on them.

Thanks for any help in advanced.

You need a rigidbody on stuff that you want to detect collision on. Also if you don’t want the enemy to be destroyed when the player just touches the sword I’d use an animation event, and in the animation event it creates a temporary trigger in front of your character and whatever is in that trigger will be destroyed. So let’s say the person presses space it would play that animation and the animation event would create a temporary trigger box and just attach a OnTriggerEnter function onto the trigger box thingy and whatever is in that box will be destroyed. It’s kinda confusing I guess but it would make the game more professional and stuff.