Objects are visible through terrain

Hello !

I hope you can understand my problem.
I have two Scenes in my project. The first scene is the MainMenue and the other one the game scene.
When I build and Run the game, Iam first in the main menue of course. When I now click on the “Play” Button, the gamescene is loading. No problem till now.
But in the game, all objects are visible through the terrain.

The trees are behind the hill!

However when I go back in the menue (with ESC) and than click on “Play” again, the Bug is away.
I really need help !

I used: Application.LoadLevel (1); and Application.LoadLevel (0);
But it looks like a graphic Bug ;(

I seem to have resolved the issue by switching shaders on the terrain. I switched from the default shader to legacy diffuse and the problem is gone. I haven’t gotten to the point of writing any shaders for this yet, so this is ok. At least I know what the problem is now.

If it is just the trees?? try going into your terrain settings and changing the billboard and tree distance, or you could place use objects with LOD that instead of simply bill boarding they decrease poly count as the camera moves away. If it is EVERY object in the game, make sure you have the correct terrain substance in the terrain settings. hope i helped.

I had the same issue and fixed it by just rebuilding the project.
Hope this helps.