Objects become invisible when made a child

Im currently having an issue with a Quad which is being used as a background for a game, im trying to implement a scrolling background but when I seem to duplicate the background and make it a child, the child background is not visible even though it is active in the inspector. I tried to child other objects on my game to the background to see if it still happened and it did, they just go invisible. I tried adjusting the transforms of the child to make sure they were not being covered up, but it just starts moving nothing.

Any suggestions?

@WeeksyHD Same was happened me too, just relaized my child object’s scale changes to 0 when made it child. i don’t have any idea why but i fixed it like that

var tempLocalScale = transform.localScale;
transform.parent = parent.transform;
transform.localScale = tempLocalScale;

just relaized you made that question at 2016. i hope that helps someone :slight_smile: