Objects can't detect the tag of a tilemap collider?

Hey guys, so my issue might not be solvable. My game is made using three tile maps, one for collision with pits and holes, one for the level’s art, and another for collision with walls. My players and enemies work fine colliding with the walls and floors using rigid-bodies and box collides (they physically cannot move through them as intended) but the bullets they fire are another story. For some reason, the bullets will not destroy themselves as intended when they pass through something with the tag ‘wall’ as the tile map for the walls is. I made sure that it has a collider, and the collision worked as intended when it wasn’t a tilemap that it was colliding with.
As I understand, Unity’s tilemaps are somewhat new and they aren’t totally polished yet… so could this be something that doesn’t totally work yet?
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

hello, i have never worked with tile maps but i have faced issues with collisions frequently and i imagine this just work as 2d sprites maybe? test some things and tell me if it worked so i can change it to answer. First i imagine colliders are set correctly, bullets colliders too? if you shoot a player you get a collision message? can you also make sure bullet colliders arent set to trigger? one of the most common issues is forgetting atleast one of the colliding objects need to have the rigidbody2d for collision messages to work check if atleast one of the objects have it. make sure tags are set correctly.