Objects disappear when I apply Destroy for points

Hi everyone. I am making my first game (Space Shooter) on unity using a tutorial from (Can You Make A Space Invaders Type Game In Unity Playground - Part 1 - YouTube) but I have an issue with the game. I have two spaceships in the scene. One player and one enemy. When I add the Destroy for points component to the enemy spaceship, it disappears in the game view when I hit play. However, it is visible when I go back to scene view. I have tried creating the game from scratch but it disappears again. I have followed the tutorial exactly but I guess the instructor must have changed something in between the videos that I missed.

P.S.: I am very new to Unity. This is probably the second time I am using it to create something so I apologize for not understanding a lot of the basics. I hope someone here would be able to help me out.

Thank you in advance

What is in the Destroy for points component? Im guessing its just calling Destroy on the game object right away and thats why its disappearing. Can you attach the code so we can take a look? Cheers