Objects do not fall

8103-issue.jpgim uploading a screenshot explaining situation what ever i import or add using unity 4 my models and even a cube just stays stuck in air it does not fall at all i even checked physics options in the project but with no succsess please help me out. and yes i do klick play so i dont know the problem. Thank you for your reply in advance

With respect Samurai1789

Have you attached a Rigidbody component to your object?

If not, select your object, click Add Component → Physics → Rigidbody

Once your object has a Rigidbody, you’ll see a bunch of settings under this component in the Inspector. Make sure that Use Gravity is checked and Is Kinematic is unchecked. Your object should then fall and react realistically to other Rigidbody objects.

Hope this helps!

You need to add a rigidbody component to the gameObject.