Objects in Javascript Help!

//Define the class

class author{

function author(a:String,b:String,c:int)


this.name = a;

   this.lastname = b;

   this.age = c;


//Declaring the variables

var name:String;

var lastname:String;

var age:int;


//I make a new object

newBook = new author("J.R.","Tolkien",60); 

//I make other new object

newBook = new author("Agatha","Christie",42);

in this code the variable "newBook" to save the whole object, returns to save only the last one that was created...

Any help???

Variables are like a lockbox for one specific unique item, and you know what kind of item goes in. Just like a bar of soap goes into the little plastic soapbox. You put another in it simply will not fit.

HOWEVER a smart mechanism in programming for quicker programming is that it automatically removes the soap and puts the new one in. The other is "magically" removed.

newBook = "someBook" Box --> Insert Soap A

newBook = "someBook" Box --> Remove Soap A --> Insert Soap B

You can only have one inside that variable sorry. Doing otherwise is impossible for your container (the soapbox).

What you need is a bigger box. An array or list.

First one you put in is the oldest, and the last the youngest. And if you meddle with the order you need to clean it up again(sorting algorithms).

You can learn how to use such a container following this link here. Remember that to keep track of a collection you will need to know where something is (even the small ones). To do so use the index number (starting usually at 0) to acces the place where it is, and do with it what you want. Everything you do with it inside the array/list/new bigger box will change with it unless you take it outside of there by putting it in another container.

The less complicated and sophisticated way of doing this is NOT keeping a collection but a pile of junk.

newBook_1 = "someBook" newBook_2 = "someOtherBook" newBook_3 = "someBook"

newBook_3 well that name really doesn't help you find it back does it? Nor does it let you see that you already had that book, which also happens in the collections and/or containers. So programming lesson 1 as I was taught I will share with you. If you don't know what is where and for which reason, you need to find out and fix it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

EDIT 08:41 GMT+1 12/07/2010:

This is a pretty good one with examples: http://www.hunlock.com/blogs/Mastering_Javascript_Arrays

This has a sorting explanation with it aswell, could be usefull: http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascriptarray.php

And the perfect one always being this: Google + search phrase: Just include Javascript + Array and maybe tutorial and there is simply no end to it.

Use a different variable...when you assign a new value to "newBook", the old value is gone.

but i want... the variable newBook not change the name

Proclyon , you can put me an example code using an array? Please, and thanks in advance Thank for answerme